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Discussion in 'About FRM' started by Aleksander Hansen, Jul 7, 2012.

  1. Aleksander Hansen

    Aleksander Hansen Well-Known Member

    Decided that since St. Louis is cold and nasty in mid-November (and Chicagomwhere I sat Part 1 is even worse) I would look for nicer places, so I just booked a flight as well as hotel in Tampa, Florida...

    Take a few days before and after the exam while I'm down there to make it more enjoyable.

    Best part is that they are holding the exam at the Marriott so I booked a room there... Nice to just walk from a nice lunch into the exam room rather than stressing with cabs and so forth.
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  2. Suzanne Evans

    Suzanne Evans Administrator

    Definitely a good idea Aleksander! Enjoy your vacation as much as possible and good luck on the exam.

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  3. ArbitUP

    ArbitUP Member

    That is where I'll be taking it as well.

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