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FAQ Exam Relevance of End of Chapter Questions from the source readings

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We were recently asked by a member of the forum if one of our questions would be relevant or testable on the exam. That practice question was based off of an End of Chapter question in John Hull's Options, Futures & Other Derivatives. Since we couldn't answer with 100% certainty, I contacted GARP to ask them, "if a question appears as an EOC question is an assigned chapter, to what degree is a question realistic in terms of the exam? if it is not, what are the criteria(s)?". I am posting this here just in case it will be helpful to other members who may have the same question.

This is GARP's answer:

The end-of-chapter questions that appear in the current readings are provided by the chapter authors, and would presumably be useful in helping a candidate learn the material covered within that chapter. FRM Exam questions, as has been described previously, are crafted through a rigorous independent collaborative process involving FRMs and other subject-matter-experts with the intention of creating practitioner-relevant questions based on the readings.