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Results FRM May 2011

yea it should be ..coz in another hour it will be 7th July in my time zone and we are still waiting for the result... :(

Its already 7th july in some of the eatern parts... GARP should have released result at 9am est....
I took Part I only. When I go to the registration page, I only see the option to register for Part II. Is anyone else who took only the first part getting this same result? Any idea if this implies a pass on Part I?
Well..then relax.... :) .....i am sure you have got through....
I am not even gonna check..know i have flunked..
All the best to all of you.​

- Hey, don't get upset. I think I failed too, so we'll help each other next time:)

Can't believe GARP is doing this to people...it's 7th July already in some places...:)