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FAQ After Exam Salary review after FRM


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hello everyone

I just passed the FRM exam and I am wondering how to approach my salary review in March.

Does anyone suggest what can be the expected salary increase (if any!) after becoming FRM certified. Does it really impact our salary and prospects?

thanks in advance for sharing your insights.


Salary negotiations are always subject to skill, demand, company performance, and personal performance. FRM is just another tool that may help you get a salary increase but never a guarantee. I would say your current company would bump your salary (maybe 10%) slightly more than they normally would if they value the FRM certification. If they don't, then maybe there will be no difference. It all depends on how much they value your effort and success in obtaining the FRM.

If a pay raise is what you seek, it always seems like jumping to a different company and using that (and maybe FRM in conjunction) as a negotiating chip is a more effective way to go about it.


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thank you Kevolution. I agree. If my current company appreciate the FRM certification then 10% should be possible to obtain in the next review.


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Hi All,

I have one year of work experience (manufacturing field) , a master's degree (risk managment field) and have passed FRM part both parts by may 2017.

I am looking out for a new role in investment Banking in India. Can you guys post some details of how much do I deserve with above profile.

Thanks in advance.