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IMPORTANT Sharing, selling, or asking other members for BT materials

Nicole Seaman

Director of FRM Operations
Staff member
I was hoping that I wouldn't have to post this. However, this past week it has come to our attention that some free members have been sending private messages to our paid members asking them to share their purchased Bionic materials, to split the cost, or to sell them at a discounted price. I am going to make this very clear. IT IS 100% ILLEGAL TO SHARE OR SELL BIONIC TURTLE'S COPYRIGHTED MATERIALS. Any member who is caught doing this will be banned (both their account and IP address). I do not like the fact that I even need to write this post, but it is clear that there are some members who are following very unethical practices on our website.

Our team works very hard to provide high-quality materials for FRM candidates. We spend MANY hours preparing and supporting those materials. This is not only our job that provides for our families, but it is also our passion. Certified FRMs are required to follow the GARP Code of Conduct, which is very clear about ethics.

We ask that if anyone received a private message from someone asking for free materials or anything similar that you click on the "Report" button in that message. They will not know that you are the one that has reported them, but we will be able to contact them directly. To all of our very loyal customers who go about purchasing our materials the ethical way, we appreciate you more than you will ever know. You are the reason that we do whatever it takes to provide you with the information that will help you to not only pass the exam, but also to become a successful certified FRM.