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Software Engineer background and FRM

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I have browsed the forums for this question however I am a bit unsure of the responses.
I have a software engineer background mainly in developing BigData systems.
I have always had an interest in finance and risk management but never studied any economics in school.
Statistics I have both studied and practice almost every day.
If I take the FRM exams could I land a job?



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Yes you can always come into risk management given your technical background.Statistics is a major area of frm or risk fir that matter. Economics is not that important for frm or risk mgmt. Not as important as its inin investments like cfa. Frm requeres good math skills just what u have. Nobody can gaurantee a job but yes you have vrery bright chance for job landing oncr u complete frm given ur technical background and some finance would make a good financial engineer.
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Hi all I am in a doubt. I am a pharmacist and a present banker with no mathematical backgroung during my graduation. Dat is why I am feeling some difficulty with the frm course. I want to know whether this academics background will interfere with my future jobs and career even after I pass the FRM exams? What other courses shd I do to stay in the niche?