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Standard Error of sample standard deviation

Arka Bose

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Hi all,
Pachamanova, BT notes refers to Standard error of sample standard deviation = sigma sqrt(1/2T)

Where is this formula coming from? I have no clue. Since ir refers to sample standard deviation, is it refering to sampling distribution of sample standard deviation which we know as chi squared distribution(i think)?
Please help



Where do you explain how to
Calculate … mean, standard deviation, and variance of a variable. ???

I see the formula in the cheat sheet (p.35)

You use it to solve the question in the PDF R10.P1.T2 Miller (p25) but I do NOT see them in the study notes ... hence it makes me waste a lot of time to dig into another providers to find the proper formula.

Could you pls clarify ?



Actually off that,

Seems like the material is AFTER the questions and the formula are present at page 26.

May I suggest a slight reorganization of the questions, to put them after introducing the formula rather than before ?

Q1,2,3,4 seem misplaced.

Q5 looks ok, after the material.