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If I purchase the material for the May exam, could I start studying now?

I know that the material is likely to change somewhat as GARP issue all the AIM in Dec/Jan of each year. Would it be appropriate to assume that the majority of the quant will be the same and I could use the 2012 material to work through?

Essentially I'd like a head start on 2013.


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Yes you can start from my side as majority of the portion does not changes within one AIM to consecutive one from my experience, last year when i sited for the exam i did not see that much changes in the AIM statements they were almost identical.Yes Quant will almost be the same as most of the topics are fundamental in nature which are very essential for risk management. Yes you can go ahead from my side. And sooner the you start the better. Caution that there could be some minor changes but the final call is upto you only. Nevertheless go ahead and start your preparation. Best of luck.

I am trying to create a study plan for taking the FRM Part II in May 2013. Can you provide a suggested sequence of readings to cover the topics for the exam or is the order listed in the GARP study guide good enough to follow?


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You can follow any order as per your liking there is no suggested order given by the frm study guide. I mean you can start with your favorite topic or the topic that you consider as important from exam perspective. Than go on to the topics serially in terms of importance or favoritism. It would be good if you can have a chart wherein you can write all the topics formula and track your progress during the preparation by seeing at the chart as how far you have come and where you are right now in terms of preparation for the exam.
But i would recommend that you do not go from one subtopic in operational risk to another topic in credit risk so if you are studying credit risk than read subtopics of that only and when you complete credit risk than jump on to operational risk and then cover subtopics there. IN this way you would be able to understand the major topic well but do give enough time to each major topic and stay on course.

good luck and ATB



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2013 Reading list is published in the web.
I was looking for 2012 reading list; Wondering whether I can get started with the 2012.
The link above for 2012 isnt working.
Anyone did the comparison yet?


Hi VP26,

Where can I find the 2013 reading list?
It seems then that books are available in printed format only - as far as I know last year they were available in electronic format as well... not good for me...


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For part 1, I did a comparison with 2012 and there is a change in the Quant section with introduction of Michael . B . Miller's book.
Rest of the portions are pretty much similar to 2012.
I started last month studying for FRM L1. Started with refresher in prob/stats which I have not done in years. I used variety of websites and youtube as sources. I then started on David's videos for Market and Products and some question banks. I passed the ICBRR from GARP last year, which is lot more theoretical (about 15-20 out of 80 questions are quant) and found that to be very helpful as lot of the basic concepts in Markets and Products are explained very thoroughly in the ICBRR book on Market Risk. Still a long way to go.

Suzanne Evans

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Here is the 2012 Study Guide if that is what you are looking for:

P1: http://www.bionicturtle.com/how-to/note/2012.p1-study-guide
P2: http://www.bionicturtle.com/how-to/note/2012.p2-study-guide

We are working on a comparison and schedule to release ASAP.

I anticipate David will publish something similar to:


We also plan to take it a step further with an AIM comparison and are working to link PQ documents for easy access!