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Thank you David and Suzanne


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Dear David and Suzanne,

Again, BT FRM study packages, as well as active friendly support, proved to be the most effective third-party provider for preparing the Nov 2012 FRM exam.

I, who had no formal financial background before FRM, was definitely well-prepared for the Part 1 exam using core readings and the BT product (especially practice questions!), and able to score in the 1st quartile in all sections. From the other well-known FRM forum (A******forum), I have seen the following comments from other candidates who relied on other third-party products – difficult than prep material, completely owned, stunned, etc…

And I strongly think they would have commented the following if they had utilized the BT product instead – expected/anticipated, easier than prep questions, owning (instead of owned) the exam, etc.
Thanks David and Suzanne for your outstanding work! – it could have been very challenging to BT team (of only 2!) to provide and maintain the excellent product (with more bullets, such as very useful focus reviews) in given cycle and deadline… but they have done it again!

For me, purchasing the BT product was the most effective investment in the last few years – I purchased the Part 2 tier 3 product last month to get a head start.

Thank you again David and Suzanne, looking forward to see the excellent job this year as well. and happy new year! :)



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Hi David and Suzanne,
I completely agree with RiskNoob about the outstanding preparation received with Bionic Turtle!, personally I was in the 1st quartile in 3 of 4 categories and 1 in the second quartile. You can count that I will be recommending your services to my colleagues ( I have already started!. Looking forward to the second part,

Best Regards,


David Harper CFA FRM

David Harper CFA FRM
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RiskNoob Thank you so much for the kind and detailed feedback, Suzanne and I are very grateful that we can provide this service. Especially given that you did not have any formal background!

Facuz1975 Thank you and we do appreciate your recommendation!