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Thoughts on Part 1 this morning....?


So I just sat the part 1 exam this morning and found it to be an immensely passable exam…even relatively easy dare I say. After reading comments on here and Analyst Forum message boards, I was expecting an absolute beast of an exam….and to come out feeling horrendous.

Quite the opposite….I thought it was on a par with CFA1 and lacked any kind of real depth. Most calculation based questions were pretty simple and the answers to the qualitative questions just seemed ridiculously obvious for the vast majority.

Anyone care to share their thoughts? Any resiters who thought this exam was easier/tougher than last time?

Anyhoo…not trying to sound overly smug, just genuinely surprised by the apparent simplicity of the questions.


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@S666 I share in your view too.

I found the questions pretty simple than expected, Timing was equally perfect for me. I was able to complete the 100 qs within the alloted time.

Thanks to God, to David Harper, Nicole and Bionic Turtle for the great job and resources provided for the exam. They were all on point.

I pray that all our efforts will be crowned with good success.


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I was expecting something much more difficult. But I did put in a lot of time. Maybe I was just well prepared.

Now the wait.


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Its my 1st attemp and i felt it was fairly easy... quite equivalent to garp practice exam


Easy is a relative word.
Few of us might feel easy after answering 60 questions with confidence and others might feel it is difficult because they have answered only 80 questions with confidence. So cannot post an accurate measurement .

In addition to take the relativeness a notch higher , it might be more psychological to think an exam is easy based on high expectations of difficulty in the past which may not be a true reflection of the exam

I felt time was a slight constraint . Had around 25 questions where i was either skeptical of the answer or i was having a timeconstraint in working them . In addition i will discount 20 more questions (worse case of scenario analysis ) where i might have been trapped by the options giving me a false confidence . So i can be confident of 55 of my answers and my intuition is MPS can be around 60-65 . So in turn its a DOOM and GLOOM for me, albeit narrowly