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    Special Offer from Bloomberg
    The Bloomberg Economics newsletter is written by a team of 7 dedicated economists has over 40,000 global subscribers. It usually retails for $1,495 however they are doing a limited offer for just $249 to promote it and we have the link! You can cancel anytime, so it's risk free but you get an amazing package of a daily newsletter with great commentary, analysis and data from the Bloomberg team that used to be only available to their terminal users. As well as the newsletter you get supplements, videos, podcasts and a great package for just $249.​

    [ David again:] Bloomberg gave me permission to share a copy of the Brief, so you can see a sample, here is today's (Friday March 30th):

    ... I like the Brief because it gives me a quick, curated update on a few key global items, since my personal perspective is very narrow and my day is busy. On many days, this will be the only real global "fix" that I get. I'm a huge Tom Keene fan, so I skip to Keene's Corner first (it's not just that he is a good interviewer, he is, but the more selfish fact is that Bloomberg/Surveillance gets the best interviewees. I listen to Motley Fools, too, who i admire. But commentary can be a commodity, yet Bloomberg scores sit-downs with pros who have good vantage points. So, today (eg) Stephen Roach. Then you can get a taste of the rest: quick hit on retail earnings calls (it's hard to appreciate the value of thoughtful curation ... but i feel today updated on this sector that I am currently avoiding out of fear); lately often a European update, of course. They are totally on top of the European crisis. I hope this is helpful! --David
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    Since I have a Bloomberg terminal I receive the Economics Brief every morning, and it's one of the first things I read through after I wake up.
    It gives you a great summary of upcoming economic and financial events; it sumtmarizes the day ahead, and looks at what happened overnight in other markets. It then elaborates on some of these key issues, and has interesting commentary as well as an interview with someone who knows his or her field well.

    I would recommend this publication to anyone interested in or working in econ/finance. If you can afford it, I would also strongly recommend the weekly Risk Brief that is published. It's expensive, but so is, e.g. Risk Magazine, which is also a must-read.

    ** I do not work for Bloomberg nor Risk Magazine by the way.
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  3. David Harper CFA FRM

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    I edited above to share a sample Brief. Here is my copy from today (shared with permission):

    Alexsander: thanks for entering your full name, I like it so much better than ahansen :)
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