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Topic 5 Review video


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Hi David
i noticed that the Topic 5 review video mentioned some topics that are not covered in the chapter notes, such as OAC, CPR....
Does that mean the content is removed from the test because the video is outdated (2012)?
The learning objectives in the notes does not cover such topics in the video, which objectives should i follow?

David Harper CFA FRM

David Harper CFA FRM (test)
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Hi @queliujin The 2019 LO (in the study notes) are the best guide. Admittedly, do need to (and are going to) update the focus review videos, although most of the material in the FR continues to be relevant (by definition: because the FRs are not edge material but rather core material); e.g., CPR is still in T5, just a different author. @Nicole Seaman can follow-up further on questions like this, thanks!