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I was going through R8.P1.T1.Stulz.In the question set that came along with it,I happened to notice Bankruptcy Cost Questions followed by other conceptual questions which were not taught in the corresponding Study notes.

It felt like a totally new concept to me!

Is Normal Distribution concept being taught in some other section?Or Are we expected those concepts before starting this?


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Are you saying that you have no familiarity with concepts related to the Normal Distribution? If so, these concepts are fairly critical for the FRM. The concepts are covered in detail in Miller's text as well as Stock and Watson's text, if I remember correctly (although I don't recall if they are specifically covered in the assigned readings.)

Fortunately, the concepts are very intuitive. Further, they provide a basis for subsequent applications in confidence intervals and hypothesis testing, so it would behove you to spend the time on understanding the concepts. If they are not explicitly covered in the assigned readings, they should be covered in any elementary statistics textbook, like Wackerly's Mathematical Statistics text, for example.

Best of luck!



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Yes distributions are covered in chapter 4 miller,also covered in frm.please check reading in topic 1only the distributions should be covered. Yes such basics u should cover first which would be helpful for further readings.please go through elementery stats book u shall find many things about distributions and other topics that will be helpful for frm
What would be the point of subscribing to this course if one has to refer to other material. This should be covered by David in his videos and in the study notes. I see a lot of other basic stuff is covered there. Why not this?

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Hello @rajawasiq,

Although we try very hard to make sure that the concepts are covered in-depth for each reading, it would be impossible for us to make sure that every single FRM concept 100% covered according to each individual skill level. There are many members who have found that our study materials ONLY are sufficient to help them pass the exam. However, other members have found that they may need the GARP core books or other study materials to supplement their studies. With that being said, if there are concepts that you do not understand in the published materials, our forum would be the next place for you to look.

I also mentioned this in another forum post that you commented on, but will repeat it here in case you read this one first. Our forum has a tremendous amount of information, which has accumulated over the past 10 years. David, along with other forum members, have explained many concepts in-depth in the forum. The paid portion of our forum is a very valuable addition to our paid study packages. David answers questions in the forum every single day, and is committed to making sure that our subscribers understand the concepts. This forum post may actually be of some encouragement to you: https://www.bionicturtle.com/forum/...inance-background-only-david-at-my-side.9273/. It was written by one of our members who had ZERO knowledge of the FRM concepts before beginning his studies with Bionic Turtle. ;)

Thank you,

It's a common thing in the FRM studies (not specific to Bionic T). The FRM "books" are publications, text books extracts etc.. put together. Often times you either have different ways of explaning, different notations and standards, concepts assumed already known or explained later and redondancy. It's like a giant puzzle. They even reshuffle the pieces every time.
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