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Views on the Nov 2009 results due tomorrow

David Harper CFA FRM

David Harper CFA FRM
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Hi FRM 2009 - Since it was the first 2L exam, I lack a basis for an intuition. My selfish hope is simply that BT customers pass better than anywhere else (and that we get helpful feedback, incl constructive criticism, so we can better serve our customers). My gut says that there will be a large segment who pass but did not expect to pass because the exam was high in difficulty (and, perhaps GARP had to bring down the relative mark, so to speak); this is generally true but i am thinking even more so for Nov 2009 ... but we will see... we care as much about the outcomes as you do because it reflects on us (and we don't moderate the forum; i.e., we won't edit negative criticism). GOOD LUCK to you! Thanks! David
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Hi David. appreciate your views. Was talking about the full frm exam. I myself gave it in Nov but am very blank on my views. I had a terrible first half and a v good second half. So am wondering my results. is it a common feeling that everyone shares