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David Harper CFA FRM

David Harper CFA FRM
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Hi @MJ2013 I cannot seem to currently replicate this problem (ie., downloads working fine). This looks to me like a temporary issue with media server. Can you please confirm you are okay to download now? Thanks,

cc: @Nicole M


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Hi, new member here :)

I have this issue when I try to download the pdfs at work, but they do work at home. I think it is the security settings at work that prevent the download, can't think of anything else.

Nicole Seaman

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There have been some other users that have said the same. Some companies have security measures that do not allow users to download certain documents or even log in to some websites. Thank you for pointing this out, as it may help some users that are having the same issue. I am giving you a gold star for your insight on why this could be an issue for some users. Your post could be very helpful to users who are trying to access at work :)

Since you are a new member, I forgot to mention what the gold star is for. We have a contest every week on our forum where users can win prizes. You can see more information HERE.
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