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WIFE Week in Risk (July 22nd)

David Harper CFA FRM

David Harper CFA FRM
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  • What GE’s Board Could Have Done Differently https://hbr.org/2018/07/what-ges-board-could-have-done-differently 1. The board was too big (18 directors but the average US company board is 11 members). The board had no finance committee ("As I have explained elsewhere, a finance committee is critical for a board in complex public companies like GE, which are involved in a broad range of retirement plans, stock buybacks, and large acquisitions. Since the Sarbanes–Oxley Act in 2002, audit committees do not have enough time to carry out their prescribed list of detailed duties as well as to deal effectively with these broader issues of capital allocation."). 3. The board’s audit committee wasn’t paying attention.
  • New YouTube Channel: Office Hours, the channel for GRC pros https://trtl.bz/2JO2cFE (website at https://officehou.rs/ )
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