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What do you think would be the passing score for the 2011 Sample Exam ?

Hi David !

How are you ?

In one of your previous thread you mentioned that the 2011 Sample Exam was:

So, in regard to relevance, my opinion is:
With respect to coverage/topics: applicable, but necessarily incomplete
With respect to difficultly level: looks fairly representative.

Since it is fairly representative what would you think is a suggested passing score in %. I Know that the passing score depends on the performance of other candidates ...but just roughly given the difficulty level of the sample exam ... a 65%? , 70% ?

Thank you very much David again for your helpful answers !
I did the sample exams 1 day before the exams and scored around 80% but i thought they are not very indicative of the real exams. The real exams i took today are definitely a notch above in difficulty. For instance, the exams will not ask you to solve for Standard Error. They will usually ask you to solve for confidence interval etc. (more steps).. just my opinion. =)


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Given a random set of responses will score 25, the pass mark will be well above 50; at least 65 and, given the recent high failure rate, more likely ~75.

Such were the morbid thoughts running through my mind last night...
I'd say 63-68 though.... Given the top 5% avg score is 90 and GARP requires your relative score to be say 70-75%, implies an absolute cut off of 63-68. 75 I think is a bit on the higher side.