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Hi @onpatbateman, i started yesterday with the study of FRM Part 1.

I am Italian, so no problem with time zone.
I am buying BT materials

We can keep in touch

Hi Francesco, ok sounds great, let us keep in touch.
Let us see whether there are more people around interested in joining our study group, I can create then a whatsapp group.
Will you be sitting for FRM 1 or both FRM 1 + 2?
Hi people! Can I join the study group? I live in the Netherlands so CET time is convenient for me. Can we also do video sessions to discuss about topics that we find difficult? Maybe we can help each other out like that?
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Cool. Sorry, notification emails went to spam folder, so only seeing your replies right now.
All of you can send me your mobile numbers (per private conversation messages if you prefer) and I am going to create a whatsapp group tomorrow.
Planning to start with learning shortly, but difficult sometimes to be highly motivated when exams are only in 6 months hehe

Raj Sachdeva

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Hi, I am interested in joining the group as well. I am based out of Toronto and looking to take part 1 in November. I should be able to manage time zone issues.



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Please add me to the group. I am from India and do not have issues with time zone. I will register for BT after a few days. My number is +919474510986