Why Bionic Turtle?

Discussion in 'About FRM' started by Ankur S, May 21, 2012.

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    Hi David,

    Now that exam fever is over and i have been itching to ask this question but was waiting to get past the rush. Last year, first time when someone referred me to this website, i got curious by the name you have assumed "BIONIC TURTLE"......Why BT?

    Why not

    FRM Turtle or Bionic FRM or Finance Turtle or Bionic Rabbit or Bull Risk ;) ...there could be so many....

    I am sure it must be given thought and if you'd like to share the story, will be curious to know as you have got something out of the box name here :D

    If you want to pass this question, absolutely fine....can consider it personal...You have got really amazing trademark..:)


    ** I did try to search the question but searching bionic turtle simple brings so many responses and i couldn't find one..If this has been asked before..apologize for posting duplicate
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    i remember this question being asked before.
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    Hi Ankur, thanks for your interest!

    More recently, I replied to Aleks and Hend about this question: http://www.bionicturtle.com/forum/threads/totally-random-and-unimportant.5572/
    i.e., as before, if i could go back and start with a different name, I would do that. However, I am not convinced it hurts or matters and it's non-trivial to re-brand

    we are hiring a consultant to help streamline the product catalog and his initial audit included the following observation:
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    Thanks for all the links !!

    love your consultant reaction :D ...plain and brutal...
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