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FAQ After Exam Will the hiring employer look at the grade/quantile of my FRM result?

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While considering me for a job, will the employer look at the grade of my FRM result?

I understand that thorough understanding is useful while pursuing a career. But I just want to prepare to barely pass due to lack of time.



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Although i am no expert in this but having seen replies to similar questions in various forums and the tiny bit of personal experience i can say that the short answer to this would be 'NO'. While a better answer would be 'it depends'. But your grades wont matter significantly anywhere at worst it might come up as an interview question and nothing more! Unless some one gets a 1111, no one mentions it on their CV and even then few choose to do so. In most cases the firm you join would know your grades after you are selected and the documents are submitted for verification. This should be the least of your worries! But the caveat here would be the proverb that "to achieve your target, aim a little above it!"
grades are not relevant though they would want you to possess certain level of expertise that can add value to the team. Expertise can be any shape or form but particularly relevant ones would be your experience with softwares and languages along with your knowledge and application of curriculum.