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  1. Suzanne Evans

    Suzanne Evans Administrator

    For many, the forum already plays an role in their finance learning. But we realize you are busy and sometimes it's easier to defer study and participation. So, to see if we can add a bit of fun :D and MOTIVATION :eek: into your long study journey, we are shamelessly trying a new thing: Each week we will award two $15 gift certificates to Amazon or iTunes (unfortunately iTunes is US only), your choice!

    It's pretty simple:
    • For each gold star (Winner!) you've earned, you are entered once in the weekly drawing. So two stars doubles your odds, as it should be ... and so on
    • At the end of the week, we randomly draw two prize winners from among the gold star earners (we use Excel's RAND function to draw from our spreadsheet).
    • Those two winners each receive a $15 gift certificate to Amazon, iTunes (unfortunately iTunes is US only) or; frequent winners may want to let their awards accumulate and request the full balance at will (or when Katy Perry's next album is released, can we agree that would be a good time? :cool: ... ooops, I meant when the next juicy statistics book is on sale. Yea right.)
    To participate, simply check-in daily (or whenever you want, we wanted to be the center of your universe but we understand you have other stuff to do) at Today’s Quiz here at

    We write two sorts of questions:
    1. The daily (technical) question, and
    2. The “fun” question which posts Monday - Thursday but not Friday
    How do you earn a gold star, again?

    Firstly, if you either:
    • Give a correct answer to the daily Fun Question: The first, best answer will be awarded the "Winner" gold star
    • Add value to the Technical Question (i.e., identify an error or even an imprecision, add a resource/link): After the answer has been answered correctly, anyone else who adds significant value to the question/answer will be awarded a gold star.

      Each gold star earns one (1) entry into the weekly drawing
    Secondly, we may randomly award a gold star for the following:
    • Correcting an error by David: Occasionally, David’s daily question contains an error and a member makes a correction. This is tremendously helpful and will earn a gold star.
    • Helpful replies to another member’s question: A handful of our members are generous with their time in helping others and we will express our gratitude with a gold star.
    • Other proactive participation: If you post something that is helpful (e.g., a resource), it will generally receive “likes,” and we may award a gold star.
    • Profile Photo: If you add an interesting profile photo (it doesn’t have to be you!) or signature, we may award a gold star.
    At the end of the week, we will combine all of the entries (i.e., each gold star represents one entry) and select (2) winners. Selection will be random, with each gold star representing a 1/n chance if there are (n) gold stars in total. Prizes to be awarded are $15 Amazon, $15 Itunes (unfortunately iTunes is US only) gift cards or $15 credit towards products (frequent participants may want to let their winnings accumulate and redeem at will).
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  2. Aleksander Hansen

    Aleksander Hansen Well-Known Member

    Great idea Suzanne and David!

    Will there be a fixed posting time each day?
    The reason I'm asking is that it would be fun to try to get all the 1st correct answer gold star for a week.
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  3. Suzanne Evans

    Suzanne Evans Administrator

    Hi Aleksander,

    That's definitely an accomplishment. I've been posting at various times during the day with no set time. I thought that might be best to give everyone around the world a chance.

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  4. Aleksander Hansen

    Aleksander Hansen Well-Known Member

    That does make sense... I'll have to set a loud alarm that week every time you post... sure everyone in the office will love me for it :p
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  5. brkgdog

    brkgdog New Member

    Hi Suzanne,

    Is there an e-mail distribution list for the daily quiz? I'm a huge fan of this, but don't always remember each day (and I think doing it each day is important). It would be nice to have this in my inbox each morning or have my 'you have mail' pop up at work so I could jump on and do it.

  6. Suzanne Evans

    Suzanne Evans Administrator

    Hi Brian,

    Currently there is not. I will add this to something to look into in the future. Thanks for the suggestion and feedback.

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