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Win prizes for forum participation!!

Nicole Seaman

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Thank you for all of your forum participation these past two weeks! :) Just to remind everyone, here are the ways that you can earn stars for the weekly contest. The more stars you earn, the better your chances of winning!
  • Help to answer another member's question
  • Point out any errors, broken links or other issues that you have found in the forum or in any of our materials
  • Post something that you believe will be helpful to other members
Here are the winners:

@Branislav and @Merlinius

Congratulations to our winners! Please email me at nicole@bionicturtle.com, reply to this post or start a conversation with me here on the forum to let me know if you would like to redeem your prize now or let it accrue.

  • Choose your $15 gift card: https://www.paypal-gifts.com/us/giftcardlist
  • $15 iTunes gift card (US only)
  • $15 Amazon gift card
  • $15 Starbucks gift card
  • $15 off of your purchase of a Bionic Turtle package
  • $15 off of an upgrade


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Dear Nicole and David thanks a lot for stimulating our participator on forum. Because I am planning to extend mine package to PART II in future or renew mine membership, I will let it accrue for that purpose if it is possible.
Thanks in advance