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FAQ After Exam Work Experience Verifying Time 2020/2021


anyone who submitted work experience...received a reply from GARP ?
i submitted few hours before results and yet to get any email .
Many people got their emails already, not sure if they are following a proper order. Seems like those who used the glitch and submitted work experience before exam results are getting approval


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aaand it finaly worked:)) ..got my certification!! sent one mail after the 3rd week of result releas (just tried my luck..), again last week one and waited eversince - submitted my CV around 3-4 p.m. CET on July 12th when the exam results came in (maybe these details will help someone..) ..what a journey: unlimited thanks to David and Nicole - I'm already recommending BT big times :)))
Got mine also yesterday...after challenging them how come someone who submitted after results gets the certification while mine was submitted 3hrs before the results
Let me know if yours gets rejected too. I’ll let you know what I hear once I get a human on the line on Monday. I’m beyond mad . Sorry for venting.
i got it approved yesterday ..i had 2 work exp .....with past end date and current one with future end date(2025)..happy that they didn't reject due to that date
Email from GARP: "Whenever a work experience is resubmitted, it is considered a new submission and is placed in the queue based on the latest date of submission."

Sweet! - exactly what I expected. The human on the phone had the same message.
Got mine approved today - 15 mins after sending an email inquiring about the status of my resubmission


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Got my work experience approval this morning. I submitted my work experience on 13 July and I sent email to follow up on my submission’s status every two weeks. The customer service is quite responsive, although they cannot provide a specific timeline when your submission going to be reviewed.


Got my work experience approved on the August 27th. i submitted around July 15th. My submission was very detailed, not just bullet points.
So it took about 6weeks to get certified.