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I want to appear in May 2021 for FRM part 1, can any one update me about the syllabus, how to go ahead, and is 6 months enough to clear the exam. also I have 10+ years of experience in financial industry (wealth management), does it help, and also, will it considered under professional experience which is required to get the charter/certification of FRM? please advice.
Will it consider for pro xp : yes.

How to proceed : start with book 2 (quant section) then book 3 and then book 4 (once you finish book 4 go straight to book 1 to chapters related from capm & apt from book 1). Then finish with book 1. 6 months is good enough. Just do practice questions from bionic turtle and at the end practice exam from garp and you are all set.

Good luck.
Hi Mr. Hesham,
Hope this message finds you well.
I am currently a candidate in the ORM program and needs your kind tips as my exam day after one month.
I hope to get an answer fro you on my personal email Abdulla1245@gmail.com

Kind regards,
Hi David. I have a question. May sound silly, but I want some clarity. Risk Free Value = Risky Value + CVA. As the name indicates, Risk Free value is for assuming Zero risk. Not sure how can it have a risky component. Can you please advice? Thanks.