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done with forum support today, just getting too tired and I need to get on to other work, I'll be back tomorrow (Monday). Don't stress, if you are practicing, you'll be find. And good luck
I've been in the forum all morning, I need to record a video now. I will check back tomorrow AM (Sunday) to respond to new questions. Have a good weekend!
Hi Nicole ,

The fresh questions that David writes every week , do they all appear in the Question set in the study planner ? I have not seen some of the questions i feel.
David Harper CFA FRM
David Harper CFA FRM
Hi @PRITHWI Yes they all appear but not immediately: after I write the last question associated with a reading, we edit for any feedback (we try to make the PDF version as good as possible) and then post to the SP, generally within one week of the last question. So, there is a lag (ie, you won't see the latest questions yest), but after the short lag, they definitely go into the SP. Thanks,
I just subscribed but till date i didnt even have a study material, im looking to have one soft copy of FRM1 of 2013 as per my subscription
Nicole Seaman
Nicole Seaman
Hello. I will be sending you an email regarding your account. Any time you require assistance with your account, please email me instead of posting on my forum profile, as I don't check my forum profile throughout the day. I answer emails almost immediately.
Hi David, i found my name on admission ticket are all lower while the name on the passport is capitalised. i am wondering whether it matters. and my garp id is 662460. i am looking forward to get response. thanks in advance.
Hi David, I am a big admirer of BT and the research that you do in finance. I was calculating YTM using XIRR in excel for amortizing bonds and the XIRR somehow results in a YTM > coupon although the bond is purchased at par. Should YTM calculations consider acc. int. as part of the initial purchase?
Graeme Ayin
Also, Are there any implications on YTM for bonds with odd coupons e.g. short first coupon periods and should the YIELD or XIRR function in excel be used?

Thanks in advance. Graeme Ayin, CFA