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FAQ After Exam Questions about work experience

I have been in IT industry working in banking and Financial service vertical as Test Analyst for the first 5 years and Business Anlayst for the last 8 years. I have 6 years of experience in Credit card operations process and 7 years of experience in Investment Banking (Security Services - Clearing/Settlement and Corporate actions). If i do a FRM now, how do you think it would benefit me in terms of my career. Do you think my experience is too much for a profile change or is it normal for FRM candidates? If there is recruiter will he choose someone with lesser experience over me? I wanted to be very clear before investing my time and effort.
Will this qualify ?

I am working as a financial Advisor from 2 years and my responsibilities are as follows:-

1. Portfolio management/ Financial planning of high net worth individuals over a vareity of consultancy services ranging from stock market operations to mutal funds/ bonds/ equities/ IPO/ derivatives/ Alternative investments and therefore providing the best advisory services for wealth creation and monetary diversification.
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David Harper CFA FRM

David Harper CFA FRM
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HI @Pradyuman I don't think we supposed to render an opinion but I must say: of course, yes of course your experience will qualify! Your experience is very directly with multiple areas of risk, it is not even a difficult question! :)
Hi David

Please find below my work experience. I am not sure if it will be accepted by GARP. Please share your views on the same
My experience is in the field on wealth management and in HSBC and ICICI Bank.

Advise HNI and UHNI on a range of investment opportunities for their financial growth. Offer specialized services concerned with asset allocation and budget control
Advise clientele on financial products like Mutual Funds, Retirement plans, capital protected schemes, and portfolio management services
To perform competitive and cross-analysis of various investment products and monitor their returns
To conduct weekly and monthly meetings with investors either to address any of the relevant questions or concerns related to macro factors, trends, and market dynamics impacting their investment returns
Update risk and financial profiling of every client and devise various investment strategy as per the risk appetite of the clients

Thank You :)
Hi all,

Greetings from India !!

I have been preparing for FRM Level 1 November'19 exam. Meanwhile I got selected in one of the Chemical Trading firms as a Business Analyst. My profile there would be to Maximize the profits realized through Import and Export of Specialty chemicals by reducing the costs paid to manufacturers and increasing the revenue generated from the customers. Basically, we are a sort of facilitator to connect sellers and buyers.

My concern was if the experience as a Business Analyst at this place would fulfill the criteria of 2 year work experience for FRM Certification ? I have to take a call today itself whether to join this Organization or not. Please help me out in this case.

Thanks and Regards,
Utkarsh Khattri
Hi David/Nicole,
I am really interested in studying risk management I have started more as a hobby as it fascinates me but I would like to know if my work experience meets the criteria for FRM?
I have 15+ years experience as a Software Tester in IT and have worked across various domains. About 10 years of that has been testing software on OMS, trading systems, trade life cycle and compliance across FX, Bonds markets. About 1 year ago I switched employers and I have been exclusively working on testing software for counter party risk and settlement risk, it requires deep analysis of algorithms, quant and strategies on reducing CCP risk, By the time I give the FRM exam I would have added more experience in this.
What do you guys think will I qualify???
Really appreciate your reply,
Hi Team,
I'm working in audit field with KPMG for Past 3 Years.
And getting opportunity in the field of Audit Risk Department, will the experience count if i go for it?