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With Bionic Turtle, your learning experience is designed to help you understand complex material, not just memorize it. Get answers from top experts, collaborate with peers, and receive study materials that are impactful and leverage success.

All backed by the largest, most active financial risk forum. You won't find this level of depth elsewhere.

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Thousands have used our study materials, active community, and friendly support to successfully pass the toughest risk management and investment management exams on the planet.

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  • Flexible study options that provide you with unique guidance.

    You'll be able to utilize comprehensive FRM resources including practice questions, quizzes, mock exams, supplemental videos, and so much more. With our personalized FRM study plan, Bionic Turtle prep materials cover it all. 

  • Confidence and composure in your test readiness.          

    Bionic Turtle offers more than a study guide for your exam: we reinforce your understanding of complex concepts with tools that provide you with a true understanding of the material.                            

  • Prep courses designed for you to pass the first time.   

    The organization and detail of our question banks are unparalleled. You'll feel at ease during your exam, having the ability to pass with flying colors.

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Resources with Results for Your Training Programs

Bionic Turtle is a trusted partner, providing your team members with the latest and most important resources that result in the best first-time pass rates in the industry. You can count on our study plans to enhance your training programs, presenting heightened opportunities for achievement.  

A Prep Course for Every Student

We signal student success with custom exam prep courses that you can use as a standalone, or to enhance your existing programs. Learn more about how many of the nation's top institutions turn to us to prepare students for professional excellence.                                                      

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