Why Bionic Turtle

Better Prepared to Prepare You

We know what it takes to pinpoint exam success and think our customers would agree with that personal assessment. Bionic Turtle testimonials equal achievement. Why? Because the preparatory resources and study materials we provide are different.

By far, our Financial Risk Management (FRM) question bank is the deepest you’ll find – from the highest quantity of questions, to the most in-depth training database with a focus on difficulty. It is truly the bread and butter of your preparation process.

The Bionic Turtle team has delivered the tools for exam success for nearly two decades. We continue to innovate and adapt with every content update and technological improvement we deploy.

Recycled, baseline questions are careless and won’t fully prepare you for your FRM certification. Our hand-crafted exam prep products are truly unique and battle-tested to provide a
Realistic, Proven Approach to Pass.
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1st and only FRM provider with actionable learning spreadsheets you can use to boost your
career readiness.
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Deepest digital question bank in the market that effectively and efficiently prepares candidates
to pass.
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Higher pass rate for candidates who successfully complete our study program.

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How Bionic Turtle Works

You want to know that your investment in study materials will actually help you prepare for your exam. That’s why you turn to the service provider with the largest breadth of information and the highest level of expertise.

If you’re enrolling in our FRM courses, we provide you with premium access, resources and support:

  • The Bionic Turtle Forum – Get your questions answered and have rapid discussions with candidates and our experts in the most active financial-risk forum on the planet. Bionic Turtle experts constantly provide feedback, including our founder David Harper.
  • Exclusive Learning Spreadsheets – Our professional level customers will have access to a resource that can’t be found elsewhere. These excel-based workbooks illustrate almost all of the exam’s quantitative concepts, providing you with an untapped resource that others won’t have.
  • Study Plan Success Elements – See why so many customers highly recommend us. From instructional videos with visual and audio elements that guide your study notes, to interactive quizzes, every candidate receives a study plan to build comprehension and pass.


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Intelligent Study Materials

Personalized, interactive, quality resources for each individual learning experience.

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In-Depth Curriculum

Programs with realistic information that prepare you to complete your exam.

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Exceptional Expertise

Support from professionals with years of experience understanding and evaluating exam concepts.

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