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Using the TI-BA II Plus to calculate variance and SD


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My TI BA II Plus calculator can automatically calculate SD & variance using the STAT & DATA functions. Are we expected to calculate by hand?

Seeing as how FRM likes to throw curveball questions, could they throw in a var/SD question that would require a by hand approach?

Deepak Chitnis

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Hi @bpdulog as per my experience of FRM PART 1 it is good thing to practice the S.D. And variance using the formula(it is helpful to calculate it with stat function), because in many questions you need to use it in quantitative analysis section. Hope that helps.
Thank you


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Yes you can automatically calculate SD & variance using the STAT & DATA functions of the permit table FRM BA II Plus calculator ,after all you can use the calculator means you can use each and every function that is on the calculator. There are no boundaries use as much functions as you can that is there are on the calculator.Its upto you whether you want to do it by hand or calculator. In the end its always good if you know to calculate the SD & variance using both the hands and the calculator.


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hello, is there a direct straight forward way to get TSS (Total Sum of Squares) and ESS (Explained Sum of Squares) using Texas BA Plus - DATA / STAT function?...I know how to get R^2 using calculator, but please can you share the quickest way to get split view of TSS and ESS?... thanks in advance!