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Breaking into Wall Street (BIWS) has revised its incredibly popular course that members call “deal experience in a box.” Learn Excel, accounting, valuation, and financial modeling from the ground up with over eight (8) real-life case studies from around the world. This course is much more than theory; included are actual company valuations, the creation of a merger model, and building a leverage buyout (LBO) model.

Get 63 hours of brand new video tutorials, written notes for each lesson, transcripts, and 8+ in-depth, practical case studies from around the globe. Achieve the deep conceptual understanding that bankers are looking for, but rarely find – and discover how to use modeling in real life to outperform your peers on the job.
  • Plus… Full Access to the Original Course. In addition to a ton of new training and case studies that you won’t find anywhere else at any price, you’ll also get access to the entire original Excel & Fundamentals course. That adds up to a total of 109 hours of tutorials, written notes, quick references, transcripts and more – or simply put, the most comprehensive training available on this topic!
  • Dominate Your Interviews. The Financial Modeling Fundamentals lessons take you from A to Z in accounting, valuation, and financial modeling – and you’ll get to test your knowledge by completing practice exercises along the way, and by answering the written case study questions at the end of each module.
  • Prepare for IB and PE Case Studies. Everything in the course is based on case studies of real companies – now expanded to include companies in Europe, Asia, and Australia to ensure you gain a truly global perspective. You’ll know exactly what interviewers are looking for in case studies, and you’ll learn how to set up your models and answer questions successfully.
  • Learn by Watching with Video-Based Training. Video learning is more engaging, and there’s no substitute for watching over the shoulder of an IB veteran as they work through real-world Excel models. But it’s also helpful to have the written version, so you’ll get notes in the Excel files for each lesson along with quick reference PDFs and the full, word-for-word transcripts.
  • Master Excel. Whether you’re a novice or an experienced user, you’ll be a bona fide pro by the end of this course – and you’ll save hours of spreadsheet drudgery. That translates into better reviews and bigger bonuses. The Excel lessons are based on two real-life case studies: how to format, manipulate, and analyze customer due diligence data, and how to build and format a 3-statement model and valuation of Wal-Mart.
  • Learn Accounting, Valuation, and Merger and LBO Models. These are the fundamental skills you’ll need as an Investment Banker, in Private Equity, and even at Hedge Funds – and you’ll be ahead of the game by mastering them before you start working.
  • Test Your Knowledge with Practice Exercises. You’ll get “Before” and “After” Excel files for each lesson – follow along with the lesson, and check your answers afterward. This is a great way to learn as well as measure your progress.
  • Test Yourself with In-Video Quiz Questions. 146+ in-video quiz questions allow you to test your knowledge of Excel and apply it to practical use in finance. Take the quiz as you complete the lessons. The interactive real-time questions guarantee your engagement and support quicker mastery of the concepts.
  • Track Your Progress and Take Notes. You can check off each lesson as you move through the material – and take notes throughout. It’s easy to return and refresh your knowledge whenever you need to.
  • Get All Your Questions Answered. You get world-class support – experienced bankers will answer your questions, comments, and emails 365 days per year (yes, even if you get a case study and you have questions on Christmas Day or New Year’s).
  • Course Certifications. After completing the course, you’ll be eligible to take our Certification Quiz. Once you pass the quiz, you’ll receive a Certificate that you can add to your resume / CV and refer to in interviews as evidence of your knowledge and skill set.
Your Certificate of Achievement can be added to your resume and presented in interviews to set yourself apart from others. Excel & Financial Modeling Certificate

We also make sure employers know how challenging the certification process is: Your certificate will contain a link where prospective employers can review what’s on our exams and what you must master to receive certification.

Unlike other training companies that “issue certifications,” our process is completely transparent: you can literally point to the exact questions you had to answer to pass the quiz and become certified.



At last count, over 41,053+ students, entry-level professionals, and career changers have used Breaking Into Wall Street to master modeling, win interviews, and break into high-paying jobs in investment banking, private equity, hedge funds, equity research, and more.

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