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Our New Accelerated CFA Level 1 Prep

Hello, fellow pro finance learners! We have exciting news to share with you: we are now offering CFA Level I test prep! For many years, members have asked us to offer CFA prep. David’s reply was always the same: I would love to do that—especially given the hefty overlap between the FRM and CFA material—but it would require finding the right partner.

That day has arrived: we have been acquired by CeriFi (see the announcement here, and among many other benefits, we can now deliver the finest version of CFA test prep to our valued audience. The trainer is our colleague Richie Owens, and you will love his style (and his sense of humor). Richie did not develop an endless slog of stuff that you don’t need to know.

Instead, his program is an accelerated CFA Level 1 Prep. It is designed to translate regular study hours into more *effective* study hours. The emphasis is on Practice and Assessment, supported by laser-focused videos. We all know that the key to passing a financial exam (and mastery in general) is practice. But too often, candidates engage in the wrong sort of practice. Or they underweight practice too late in the cycle. Or worse, they engage inferior practice questions. Uggh, that’s too many ways to go wrong. As Richie explains in one of his included videos—and you know we completely agree—candidates who read and re-read (and re-re-read!) the material without taking practice questions often and early are more likely to fail. It is understandable to defer question practice (and mock exams) until the very end: especially when the material is hard, we feel unprepared unless we review everything twice or thrice. Don’t get me wrong, of course you want to read the material. But reading the material is passive. Revising practice questions is active, and active revision is the most effective teacher. You’ll do better to jump into revision as soon as possible because you’ll get a better ROI on your reading. We traditionally think in terms of read then revise, but your most effective study time goes in the other direction: revision informs more productive (and accurate) reading. Where the CFA and FRM are concerned, we believe that the quality and delivery method of practice questions is the single most important element in your approach.

This program employs CeriFi’s modern learning interface. We can’t wait to get our FRM into the same learning management system (LMS). The CFA accelerator gives you options: you can create a custom test based on desired topics and length (number of questions); you can practice formulas with CeriFi’s amazing Formula Practice Generator; you can hone your final prep with carefully designed assessments. We are so excited about the Formula Practice Generator.

Richie supports this massive question database with video tutorials, organized by topics and skills, and further, they are often embedded in the solutions. David has already told CeriFi that Richie’s videos are better than his. “Mine ramble for too long, let’s be honest, you get bored of me after an hour or two!” Richie’s videos are crisp and brief, which suits your need to spend time wisely. While we are proud of our videos, we will be looking to add more videos that are similar to his style, which we sincerely deem to be more effective to the purpose. One of our favorite things about this exam prep program is that it respects your time. The planning dashboard, the practice tests/assessments, and the videos are each designed to help you spend your time more effectively.

David started a forum announcement thread here, where he will share a bit more details about our new CFA Prep program. Go here for further discussion, or go here to get started with your free demo.

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