BIWS | Investment Banking Networking Toolkit

The Investment Banking Networking Toolkit makes it easy to create valuable contacts and connections that will ease your way into a great job in IB, Private Equity or Hedge Funds. You’ll learn how to find names and contact information, how to plan your informational interviews and cold-calls, and how to break into finance – without stressing yourself out, or feeling “pushy”.

  • Master the art of establishing and building banking industry contacts
  • Eliminate cold calling anxiety as you follow our easy system for getting you straight past the front desk and talking to contacts who will help you build your career.
  • Convert Informational Interview requests into real meetings with our copy-and-paste email templates that cut through inbox clutter and get your requests read more often.
  • Create an unforgettable impression at Informational Interviews by using our successful interview scripts and question checklists. Discover the secrets of getting interviews, without having to ask for them first.
  • Short-cut the cold calling learning curve with templates, scripts, and sample recordings. Listen to example cold calls and then learn from the post-call analysis to pinpoint the key elements that created success.
  • Forget about saying, “But I don’t know anyone in the industry!” as we provide you with the names and contact information for 4,178+ banks, 11,306+ private equity firms, and 3,190+ hedge funds.
  • Maintain a laser focus on your networking efforts and follow-up actions with our Networking Tracking Template that will ensure that you stay on top of tracking track relationships, deadlines, and events.
  • Crack the code of networking with co-workers, and asking for referrals and recommendations — and learn how to make what you’re asking for seem like less of a big deal.
  • Test your new-found networking skills with the 75-question quiz included in the course.


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