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The Bionic Turtle FRM Study Planner is your best resource to prepare for the FRM exam. Our organized, stress-free planner provides the largest and most diverse collection of FRM study materials including daily questions, instructional videos, learning spreadsheets, and more. Our staff offers personalized learning support and our active forum community is available 24/7 to help you master the FRM.

All study packages are valid for one year from your date of purchase. Please note that we do not sell any of our materials outside of the study packages. All prices are in USD.

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  • Full Forum Access
  • Question Sets
  • Study Notes
  • Interactive Mock Exams
Part I & II

$399 / Year




  • All BASIC features PLUS:
  • Instructional Videos
  • Interactive Quizzes

$599 / Year




  • All ADVANCED features PLUS:
  • Focus Review Videos
  • Learning Spreadsheets
Part I & II

$799 / Year



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Hundreds have passed the toughest financial exam on the planet with the help of our risk curriculum, which is continuously revised to stay current. Our materials include: Question Sets, Study Notes, Instructional Videos, Interactive Quizzes, Mock Exams, Focus Review Videos, and Learning Spreadsheets. We also provide friendly support, an active FRM community, and an organized Study Planner.
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Basic Package Includes

Structured Study Planner

Our new organized and structured study planner provides a visual path of the core materials essential in your preparations for the FRM Exam.

Question Sets

In addition to new Daily Questions which David writes and adds to our database throughout the week, we are continuously updating our existing database of Practice Questions. But as a paid customer, you do not need to sift through the forum and its thousands of practice questions. Instead, we package the Question Sets into convenient PDF bundles. (Most of these PDF documents have links to their respective forum discussion, also). Most of our Question Sets are linked to specific assigned readings, but also we have more general global Topic reviews and, finally, mock exams in PDF format.

Study Notes

Our summary Study Notes are delivered in downloadable, unprotected PDF format (we do not want to inconvenience our customers with unwieldy digital right management, DRM). Our Notes are not intended to teach all of the material for the first time; we have found that such material tends largely duplicate the source assignment. Instead, our Notes are meant to help you review the concepts efficiently. Our Notes tend to use images, examples and helpful tips.

Active Community Forum

The active community consists of twenty six thousand plus (26,000+) members engaging daily on the concepts of the FRM Exam.

Advanced Package Includes

Instructional Videos

Our world-class videos have been globally recognized as best-in-class. Over many years of iteration, we continue to develop videos that convey the most difficult ideas in an efficient format. Most instructional videos merely read the text to you, a passive form of knowledge transfer that is difficult to retain. Our videos emphasis examples and utilize imagery (infographics) for more efficient review.

Interactive Quizzes

The Interactive Quiz is our newest feature! Bionicturtle.com already gives customers tough Question Sets (which tend to run a notch or two more difficult than the actual exam), but the Interactive Quiz supplements these with a more realistic Q&A experience. The Interactive Quiz intends to simulate the real-time dynamics of the actual exam: the questions are nearer to actual exam difficulty and delivered interactively (for example, unlike the PDF Question Sets, you can't skip forward to peek at the answer). While Question Sets remain the core Q&A delivery, we designed the Interactive Quiz as ideal in your final week of preparation, immediately before the exam, to boost your readiness.

Professional Package Includes

Learning Spreadsheets

We were the first to complement instruction with our huge library of custom-built "learning spreadsheets." Both Excel and online formats. Advanced learners tend to use these. The spreadsheets concretely illustrate the exam’s quantitative concepts (in a way that words and even formulas cannot necessarily).

Focus Review Videos

This is a fast-track supplemental review for each part 1 and part 2 of the FRM exam. It is an additional "overlay" to the regular LO-by-LO content. It does NOT replace the structured program.