What Is Bionic Turtle’s Active Community Forum?

We have the world’s most active FRM forum by a wide margin. There is no other place on the internet where you can find FRM topics explored in such breadth and depth. Our forum has been growing for almost ten years! The Community forum has three main areas: The Office; Financial Risk Manager (FRM); and FRM Practice Questions (PQ).

The Office  is our official administrative area. It includes our Announcements and it includes Today’s Daily Questions. That’s where every new question starts its existence! You can test yourself against the latest questions that David is writing.

Financial Risk Manager  contains ten forums, starting with a very popular forum called “About FRM.” You can learn a lot about the FRM here, including commonly asked questions. Aside from the “About FRM” forum, there is one section for each of the FRM’s major domains. There are nine domains, four in Part One and five in Part Two: Foundations of Risk Management (20%), Quantitative Analysis (20%), Financial Markets and Products (30%), Valuation Models (30%), Market Risk Measurement and Management (25%), Credit Risk Measurement and Management (25%), Operational and Integrated Risk Management (25%), Risk Management and Investment Management (15%), and Current Issues in Financial Markets (10%). You will notice that each forum’s domain name also includes its weight on the exam.

The first two areas above, The Office and Financial Risk Manager (FRM), are free to all visitors. The third area is exclusive to paid subscribers. This area is FRM Practice Questions. It contains a forum for each of the nine domains (e.g., P1.T2. Quantitative Analysis) plus several focused forums such as “Text: Options, Futures & Derivatives.” These forums contain the fully-solved Practice Questions and Answers (Q&A). For example, solutions in our Practice Questions sets link to these forums. This is the area where you can really work out solutions and get help if you stuck.

For tips on how to navigate our FRM forum, check out our blog post here:  https://www.bionicturtle.com/utilizing-the-bionic-turtle-frm-forum/.