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What Do The Learning Spreadsheets Include?

To our knowledge, we are the only FRM preparation provider who offers Learning Spreadsheets. These are Excel-based workbooks which illustrate almost all of the exam’s quantitative concepts. Why is this helpful? Because many of the concepts in the FRM cannot be adequately conveyed in text alone. They must be rendered by spreadsheet, or code, to be properly understood.

Text by itself imply simply allows for too much subjectivity; text alone can fool us into thinking we understand something more than we do. Consider volatility, for example. Many articles on the internet, and in the financial press, will verbally explain “volatility” as a concept. But the FRM requires a specific understanding of the basic definitions of volatility.

Illustration in a spreadsheet forces you to confront the nuances and choices involved; you soon realize there are many different ways to calculate volatility and you become quickly familiar with the key issues. And after you’ve grappled with excel- o r code-based volatility, answering an exam question becomes so much easier. For a truly robust understanding of FRM concepts, we recommend our Learning Spreadsheets.

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