Are the Bionic Turtle FRM materials sufficient to pass the exam?

Bionic Turtle provides top quality FRM materials, along with personalized forum support. We try our hardest to update our Study Planner each year in order to reflect the current FRM curriculum. Because each individual person has a different education, background, and experience, it is difficult for us to suggest whether or not you will need other FRM materials in addition to the Bionic Turtle study materials. Many of our subscribers purchase the GARP core books to complement their studies, while some feel that Bionic Turtle’s FRM materials are enough to learn the concepts in order to pass the exam. Our mission is to make sure that our members understand the concepts in-depth so they can use their knowledge on the exam and in the real world.

Our forum is very useful for these types of inquiries. There is a great deal of helpful feedback on the forum from members who have taken the exams already. They discuss what they used for FRM materials, and many have provided their study plan. Here are some examples of threads from our forum that may help you: