Can I Purchase Materials Individually Instead of a Study Package?

At this time, we do not offer any of our materials separately. We offer nine different study packages within three levels (Basic, Advanced & Professional), depending on the materials that you would like to access.

If you are only looking for our study notes or practice questions, the Basic package is designed for you. The Basic package includes Question Sets and Study Notes, which are mutually reinforcing. Further, this package is priced such that we believe the value of either the included practice questions or the study notes exceeds the price of the package. Consequently, even if we offered these materials as standalone products, their price would be similar to the current price of the Basic package. An important reason is that, unlike most providers, we are constantly updating our practice questions (we currently have over 4,000 PQs for our members to study from!).

You can view all of the packages that we offer, along with their features and pricing, HERE on our website.