How many FRM practice questions are included in your materials?

We currently have over 4,500 FRM practice questions (2,000+ for Part 1 and 2,300+ for Part 2), published in our study planner and in the forum. Further, we have hundreds of FRM practice questions that are discussed in the forum, including at least 200 in-depth discussions of current and previous GARP practice exam questions.

Below is a spreadsheet that lists all of the practice questions that we have available. This spreadsheet provides the number of the practice question, the year it was written, and the link to the practice question in the paid section of the forum. We have also provided the associated source reading (author), along with its relevance in the current curriculum. Our members who have not purchased a subscription can view samples of our practice questions here in the forum:

Each week, David writes and posts a set of questions Monday and Wednesday in the daily practice question section of the forum. Each daily post contains 3 practice questions specifically geared toward the learning objectives in the GARP curriculum. This means that there are at least 6 new practice questions posted every week. When we have a complete set of questions for that reading, the questions are published as a question set in the study planner. If that reading is not new, we publish the new questions into a set with the older questions to give our customers a large question bank to study from.

Our FRM practice questions are known for their detail and, often, for their high level of difficulty. Preparing for the exam with questions that are too easy is a common mistake, and a common complaint heard on feedback forums. If you prepare with questions that are too easy, the exam will be frustrating.

We also include a link in the question’s answer to our forum: each question “began its life” in our private forum! This is a unique feature. It means that if you want to explore a question (and its answer) further, you just click the link to its thread in the forum.