How is the Bionic Turtle Website Organized?

Our team at Bionic Turtle knows that everyone learns at a different pace and with different materials. That is the reason we offer different packages that give you just the right access to the materials that you need as an individual. We offer a Basic level, Advanced level and Professional level package for both the FRM Part 1 exam and the FRM Part 2 exam. We also offer packages that include both Parts 1 and 2 at all three levels. You can view all of the features and prices of each package here.

Once you have purchased a package from us, you will have access to our study planner, which includes the ability to create your own personalized to-do list as well as bookmark the resources so you can construct your own study path. Our organized, stress-free planner provides the largest and most diverse collection of FRM study materials including daily questions, instructional videos, learning spreadsheets, study notes, focus review videos, quizzes and practice question sets. You can view free samples of our materials before you purchase so you know exactly what our materials consist of. There is also a search bar available if you are searching for a specific topic within the study planner.

We also have an excellent interactive forum, which consists of thirty thousand plus (30,000+) members engaging daily on the concepts of the FRM Exam. All practice questions are posted here and are the deepest per-item discussions you will find anywhere. Before you purchase, you can also utilize the forum to ask other users why they believe that Bionic Turtle helped them in passing the FRM exams.