What Do The Instructional Videos Include?

Bionic Turtle was one of the first FRM preparation providers to instruct with videos. We currently offer 67 hours of instructional videos for the full FRM curriculum (35 hours for Part 1 and 32 hours for Part 2). We have been explaining GARP’s syllabus for about a decade with videos. Our instructional videos cover the Learning Objectives for the individual readings in the FRM curriculum, and they are organized in our study planner in the same order as the FRM study guide.  We use video to convey the key concepts and, importantly, to summarize difficult quantitative ideas.

Because the FRM is highly quantitative, many of the concepts are difficult to grasp solely by reading text. This is where video really shines for learning. In many cases, we review illustrated calculations, such as stock option valuation.

If you want to see examples of our approach, please check out our YouTube channel. You can also view samples of our videos by clicking through the different readings in the Study Planner. Our instructional videos are available in our Advanced and Professional study packages.