Why are Some Materials Missing in the Study Planner, But They are in the GARP Curriculum?

If you do not see a resource for a corresponding FRM syllabus reading, then either we have not yet published it or we simply do not plan to publish it. With respect to missing resources, please do not inquire by email but do feel free to discuss on the forum. We are aware of the exact syllabus. If a reading is missing we already know about it.

The four reasons that we do not attempt to review every reading in the syllabus:

  • Unlike some exams, the FRM syllabus is not a rigorous, fixed map of the exam. The FRM syllabus contains more concepts than can possibly by tested on the exam.
  • GARP’s emphasis is really on the Knowledge Points and Key Concepts. For example, the FRM Examination AIM Statements says, “several knowledge points are related to each broader Key Concept.” The assigned readings support these Knowledge Points and Key Concepts.
  • Importantly, the exam is practice-oriented. Specifically, exam questions originate first from practitioners not from the readings (they are subsequently vetted against the readings, but this sequence makes a big difference on the exam).
  • Finally, the reading list changes every year. For these reasons, we believe it is not wise to “chase” every new reading. For example, historically some readings have appeared only once on the syllabus, then dropped the following year, never have to be specifically tested. Finally, given the density of some topics, many readings contain some details which are not relevant to the exam.