Why is Financial Risk Management Right for Me?

Benefits of being a certified Financial Risk Manager: financial risk management

  • Recognition: The FRM is easily the best known and most respected designation for financial risk (in recent years, it has emerged as the gold standard in risk)
  • Global standard: Certified Financial Risk Managers are employed by almost every major global bank, government regulator, consulting firm, insurance, and financial services institution around the world
  • Lifelong network: GARP’s platform (anchored in the FRM) expands professional opportunities with a network of some of the most prominent finance and risk professionals
  • Resume component: Completing many hours of self-study and mastering a tough exam signals a visible commitment to the risk management profession
  • Quantitative and technical aptitude: Financial Risk Managers demonstrate fluency in core quantitative domains including statistics, valuation, time series, and risk modeling
  • Holistic grasp: Certified FRMs have studied the emergent approach to risk as a holistic, interdisciplinary approach that is the forward-looking goal of many organizations
  • Dynamic appeal: As the art and science of financial risk evolves, the FRM indicates proficiency in dynamic evolution and interplay of market, credit and operational risk
  • Ethical standard: Because all Certified Financial Risk Managers are expected to adhere to articulated ethical principles, the FRM also signals an additional commitment to professional integrity
  • Balances yield- and return-oriented credentials: In the wake of the Global Financial Crisis (GFC), many financial services firms have elevated non-compliance risk management as an essential competency that needs to be formalized and prioritized
  • Career opportunities: Career changers–e.g., those previously working in non-risk roles–often become FRM candidates in order to broaden their opportunities as the FRM continues to grow rapidly in recognition. This increasingly includes opportunities outside financial services.
  • Practical: Students with an academic background may appreciate that the exam is informed by a realistic orientation. The exam is practitioner-driven and aims to demonstrate an ability to master complex and real-world challenges.

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