Bionic Turtle’s Practice Questions

We currently have over 4,500 practice questions, published in our study planner and in the forum. Further, we have hundreds of practice questions that are discussed in the forum, including at least 200 in-depth discussions of current and previous GARP practice exam questions. Below is a spreadsheet that lists all of the practice questions that... Read More

Utilizing the Bionic Turtle FRM Forum

The Bionic Turtle FRM Forum The Bionic Turtle FRM forum was created to provide our website visitors with a place where they can quickly find information about the FRM concepts without having to search through pages of study materials or different websites. The forum has been a tremendous asset to FRM exam candidates for many years. It... Read More

FRM Study Tips

After registering for the FRM exam and purchasing study materials, many new FRM candidates find it difficult to figure out where to begin with their FRM study plan. It is very important to have a study plan because without one, you may not be able to get through the entire GARP curriculum. The GARP curriculum provides... Read More