Bionic Turtle’s Week in Risk (ending July 29th)

Welcome to our Week in Risk blog! This week, we have some new YouTube videos to share with you, along with our newest FRM practice questions, discussions from our FRM forum, and various risk articles from around the world!

New Practice Questions

binomial model

New YouTube

In the forum

  • [FRM] We updated the historical pass rate chart (May’s exam saw historically low pass rates)

FRM Pass Rates 2018




CPI bias

Case Studies

Facebook stock price drop

pension loss


Lemonade insurance

  • [GARP] A New Era of Disruption “Financial institutions are exposing themselves to extraordinary risk because they lack technical literacy at the top. They lack the metrics and the concepts to understand where their technical decisions – and sometimes confusion – are leading them.
  • [GARP] 36% in Survey Say Cyber Risk Blocks Innovation

cyber risk

Finance and Investing

  • How Investors Make Money When Companies Take Longer to Pay Their Bills (trade finance, aka, factoring)

investors making money

  • There Is More to Behavioral Economics Than Biases and Fallacies “A widespread misconception is that biases explain or even produce behavior. They don’t—they describe behavior.
  • How to Become a 401(k) Millionaire With a little planning and discipline, it’s actually not that hard
  • Can factor investing kill off the hedge fund? (, pdf)

factor investing


data science




  • Science-backed methods to keep in mind when you’re learning new things “1. Just start, break the initial barrier. Every task has a certain Activation Energy (AE). Say you want to practice playing the guitar. You have to get up, dust the old guitar, tune it, pick the plectrum up, and start strumming. All these make up the AE of the task of playing a guitar. The higher the AE of something, the less likely are you to start doing the task. Take steps to reduce the AE of a new habit you want to start. Place the tuned guitar in your living room so you have it handy.
  • Names for extremely large numbers

large numbers

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