Bionic Turtle’s Week in Risk (ending February 24th)

Welcome to our Week in Risk blog! Make sure to stop by our forum to join in on the discussion and visit our YouTube channel to subscribe to helpful FRM videos! This week, we’ve included our newest FRM practice questions and some great risk articles that we hope you will find interesting. Have a great week!

New Practice Questions

  • P2.T9.907. The impact of fintech innovations on payment services and the changing landscape of investments (Gomber)

New YouTube

In the Forum

Corporate risk management

limitations of value at risk

Netting vs closeout netting

Banking and Economics

Bank Branches per million people

  • Measuring Connectedness between the Largest Banks “To understand the difference between common factors and connectedness, think of financial institutions as boats anchored in the harbor. If the boats are tied together tightly, one boat sinking would likely take other boats down with it. However, because the rising and ebbing tides will rock all boats, regardless of how tightly they are linked, we need to filter out these common movements to measure the connectedness accurately.
  • Bank Boards: What Has Changed Since the Financial Crisis?
  • Mobile banking heats up (Felix Salmon, still the world’s best financial blogger IMO)

Case Studies (Deutsche Bank, Kraft Heinz, Theranos)

Kraft Heinz

  • “She Never Looks Back”: Inside Elizabeth Holmes’ Chilling Final Months at Theranos


deaths on passenger airlines


university enrollments


Monte carlo without the math

Data Science, Technology and Cyber Risk

blockchain mortgage value chain

validation framework machine learning

Investing and Personal Finance

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