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Week in Financial Education (April 19, 2021)

I hope you enjoy my latest time series question set (P1.T2.21.2). It was fun to develop these with actual code snippets. GARP®’s text (Chapter 11) on the Augmented Dickey-Fuller (ADF) might seem dense to readers, but you’ll see that in R we can execute the test with a single function call, adf.test(). As a practical exam matter, I recommend asking yourself, What is the null hypothesis in the ADF? Then you can identify the implication of a high/low p-value (that’s the most likely exam-type question). In the case of my latest factor theory (Andrew Ang) question set, I’m really happy with how the third question turned out (21.2.3): I think this simple visual test is a much better quiz of the low-risk anomaly that my previous questions on the concept. Have a great week!

New Practice Questions

Return and Deviation Graph

Forum News (Beginners & New Learners)

1. What’s the difference, analytical versus numerical approach? Classic illustration is BSM versus binomial OPM.

2. Tracking error (TE) is a standard deviation (volatility) and where the benchmark can be beta-adjusted or not

3. This is a fun question that teases an understanding of VaR versus ES

Forum Response

4. Interest rates for inputs and outputs should always be annualized (i.e., in per annum terms)

5. Thank you @nc27 for explaining Eurodollar futures contracts

Forum News (Practitioners & Experienced Candidates)

1. Economic capital confidence level (EC EL): A simple question by @pascalb refers to the fact that banks can choose simultaneously different confidence level(s) depending on the purpose/audience

2. Term structure assumptions (when upward-sloping): an unchanged term structure reflects an assumption of a risk premium, while realized forwards reflects an assumption of no risk premium

3. Key rate 01s (KR01) have the same directionality as duration and DV01s

Forum response

4. Term structure simulation: what exactly is dw?

5. It is a thematic in Jon Gregory that the special purpose vehicle (SPV) is a thing that transforms counterparty risk into legal risk

6. How does counterparty risk influence the CDS-bond basis?

Forum Response

Curated Links (items you might like)


1. Wells Fargo’s Rehabilitation Great bank insights and summary of $WFC

2. BIS: Basel Committee work programme and strategic priorities for 2021/22; Basel Committee publishes analytical reports on climate-related financial risks

Three key themes model

3. Three steps to handling risks that exceed your company’s appetite (Carol Williams, ERM expert)

4. Do not fire the risk manager! (Normal Marks)

5. Transcript: 160 years of risk management (John Schlifske, CEO of Northwestern Mutual)

6. GARP Risk Intelligence: Crypto Risk Governance: Hazards and Opportunities (GARP) and SolarWinds (A Wake-Up Call and Opportunity to Assess Supply Chain Risk Management)

Crypto Risks graph


1. Playing Different Games (Tiger Global) “Tiger has developed an entirely unique investment platform in venture/growth based on Maximum Deployment Velocity and Better/Faster/Cheaper Capital for Founders. These two pillars represent the most significant development in venture strategy since the advent of the growth fund.”

2. Some Thoughts on Coinbase by Ben Carlson, CFA “Coinbase went public yesterday and everything I read about their business continues to blow me away.”

3. SPACs: The Explosion of SPACs — Should You Care?; SPAC Fever: Clear and Present Danger?

The explosion of SPACs model


1. Data Insights, Trends, and Best Practices to Achieve Organizational Excellence (datacamp)

2. R programming (#rstats): An Alternative to the Correlation Coefficient That Works For Numeric and Categorical Variables; Calculating Confidence Interval in R; Have you checked your features distributions lately?

Lower and upper limit of confidence interval


1. Trending online courses in business, data science, tech, and health (Coursera’s Unbounded University) (report here)

2. Katie Haun on the Dark Web, Gangs, Investigating Bitcoin, and The New Magic of “Nifties” (The Tim Ferriss Show Transcripts) Ms. Haun has an utterly fascinating background and is now an a16z GP who sits on the board of coinbase (

3. Why Applications of Calculus in Real Life is Essential to Make Kids Love Math?

4. Jeff Bezos’ 2020 Letter to Shareholders “If you want to be successful in business (in life, actually), you have to create more than you consume. Your goal should be to create value for everyone you interact with.”

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What Your Colleagues Are Saying

I took the exam in Sydney and had a similar feeling about the exam being more qualitative (but no less rigorous). However, I felt I was better prepared thanks to the BT's relentless focus on throwing real life examples and methods.

Jagan G.

I subscribed to BT for my Part 1 FRM exam and just wanted to say thanks for the depth and breadth of the study materials and practice questions. I found out that I scored in the top quartile of every topic and I absolutely could not have done this without using BT - I spent many, many hours going over the practice questions and answers! I wanted to express my appreciation and gratitude to your team for your hard work in creating these materials. Thanks!

Shu C.

The BT scripts, practice questions, global topic drills and mock exams were a great help in understanding the concepts (which I could already apply on the job!) and where structured in such a manner that the breadth and depth where optimal for exam preparation - clearly the exam would have been a catastrophe without BT!

Ivan J.

Passed first time. Happy all the hard work paid off. BT was the right choice. Thanks David and Nicole for your work and commitment.

John D.

Passed! 1,4,1,2,1,4! Thank you David and Nicole for your efforts! Thank you BT! Couldn't have done it otherwise. I'm a mechanical engineer who had a career in petroleum services, then I decided to switch career to financial risk management. Passed part 1 from the first time with top quartiles and passed part 2 from the first time as well. All with BT! BT is always the recommendation I give to people aiming at the FRM designation! Thank you again!

Feras S.

Passed Part I and Part II first time - absolutely could not have done it without BT. Like a few others I didn't even both buying the GARP books for Part II and went solely with BT materials. Just read, answered questions, watched videos, read, more questions, and... more questions! All the practice question taking looked to pay off. Thanks again Bionic Turtle for a great curriculum. Keep up the fantastic work!

John D.

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