Bionic Turtle’s Week in Risk (ending March 11th)

Our Week in Risk highlights our newest YouTube videos, new practice questions, FRM forum discussions and general risk articles!

New practice questions

New YouTube

In the forum this week (selected only)

GARCH - risk

par yield

taylor series - risk

covariance - risk

Bank, banking and regulatory

household debt - risk

Natural Science, including Climate and Energy

Digital and Data science

validation drivers - risk

Enterprise risk management (ERM) including Governance

Financial reporting

Risk Foundations (FRM P1.T1)

business risk

Quantitative Analysis (FRM P1.T2)

  • On Average, You’re Using the Wrong Average — Part II but please start with his awesome Part I: On Average, You’re Using the Wrong Average: Geometric & Harmonic Means in Data Analysis

average - risk

Financial Markets and Products, including Interest Rates, Commodity Risk, and Foreign Exchange (FX)(FRM P1.T3)

recession - risk

Investment risk, including Pensions (FRM P1.T8)

edge trimming - risk

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