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Why is FRM Certification Important?

Globally Recognized FRM Certification


The FRM certification (Financial Risk Manager) is one of the most highly recognized risk management designations. It is issued by the Global Association of Risk Professionals (GARP).

Risk management is an extremely important part of finance. A risk manager’s role involves observing the potential risks of investments, markets, and transactions.

By obtaining the FRM designation, a risk manager portrays that they have the knowledge and experience necessary to succeed in a position as a financial risk manager. The FRM certification is very difficult to obtain, therefore, it is very important for FRM candidates to be prepared for the intensive study process, exam and work experience process. Bionic Turtle’s study materials go in-depth to help you understand the concepts that are tested on the FRM Exam so you can feel confident in achieving your certification. visit our FRM Part I or FRM Part 2 pages to choose the study package that fits your needs!

Obtaining the Financial Risk Manager designation is one of the first steps of developing a career in risk management. The FRM designation puts risk managers ahead of their peers, giving them a vast advantage when applying for risk management positions. Since the FRM is one of the most difficult financial designations to obtain, it makes certified risk managers stand out to hiring managers.

Certified risk managers also acquire a wide range of educational benefits. Obtaining the FRM certification requires intensive study time, which makes the process of acquiring an FRM designation a huge learning experience. There are also networking benefits to obtaining the FRM and gaining this designation is a great way to increase your professional network and discover new career opportunities.

Obtaining your FRM certification gives you credibility and global recognition. GARP has approximately 150,000 members within 195 countries. Since 2010 the FRM has shown annual growth of 16%, with their registrations in 2019 surpassing 80,000 exam candidates.

For more information about the FRM exam, including how to register for the exam and important deadlines, read through our other informational articles:

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