Bionic Turtle’s Week in Risk — Ending July 24th

Low Interest Rates The Search for the Elusive Natural Interest Rate (The concept guides central bankers like Janet Yellen, but the rate can’t be directly observed) “The Fed aims to set short-term interest rates in relation to the natural rate--the one that would produce full employment without excess inflation." Death of the risk-free rate Read More

Bionic Turtle’s Week in Risk — Ending July 17th

Low Interest Rates Ben Carlson tweeted this funny-accurate observation: "2009-2015: Interest rates are going higher for sure. 2016: Interest rates are staying low forever." Apparently, after years of anticipating an inevitable jump to higher long-term rates, the new "smart" consensus is a resignation that we have entered a prolonged regime of low interest rates. Black... Read More

Bionic Turtle’s Week in Risk — Ending July 3rd

David has put together a fantastic Week in Risk blog for you this week! He introduces our newest Resources section in the forum, discusses the tremendous amount of feedback that we have received regarding the May FRM exam and mentions some informative articles about Brexit, just to name a few interesting topics! :) FRM Exam Feedback from... Read More