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Choose Bionic Turtle to Earn Your Financial Risk Manager (FRM®) Designation

You deserve more than cookie-cutter resources to prepare for your FRM exam. Our Study Planner provides the most in-depth information, organization, and research to get you ready for exam day.
Candidates achieve their FRM certifications through a comprehensive learning experience with tools that go above and beyond the standard. Our study course architects draw inspiration from customers who know what it takes to prepare and pass. They found success through Bionic Turtle and you can too.
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Study Notes are the table stakes needed for efficient concept review, and are loaded with images, examples, and helpful tips.

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Practice Questions that are highly organized and prioritized in a database of 4,000+ questions that are detailed and difficult to properly prepare you for the exam.

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Videos providing instructional and focus review content in an easy-to-follow format that can assist your FRM exam prep as supplemental materials.

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Learning Spreadsheets are exclusive for our customers, with workbooks that structure material in spreadsheet and code format to accurately convey key quantitative concepts when written explanations or formulas don’t do the trick.

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Active Community Forum with 60,000+ members who use our boards to have lively discussion about concepts, share practice question information and communicate with our experts who regularly join the conversation.

  • Certified FRM exam preparatory provider, recognized by the Global Association of Risk Professionals (GARP®).
  • Valuable asset for exam preparation and for your finances, with three levels of Study Plans, all with critical information that you’ll find relevant and practical when earning your FRM designation.
  • Rigorous study plans that give you a feeling of confidence when you sit for your FRM exam Part II.
  • Quality FRM prep materials that instill concepts you’ll use to assess financial risk, understand financial markets, and enhance your professional development throughout your career.


FRM® Part II Study Packages

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If you're an independent learner who only needs the essentials, our Basic package is for you.


Need supplemental materials with visuals and extra instructional resources? The Advanced package gives you an additional level of support.


The ultimate package to pass your

FRM exam: our Professional plan details everything you'll need to prepare, especially if you are new to the material.

PDF Practice Question Sets

Bundled question sets that save you valuable time instead of sifting through to find your desired topic.

Study Notes

Presented for efficient learning, our FRM study notes are convenient to access and help you review concepts with ease.

Interactive Mock Exams

Our interactive mock exams are carefully designed to simulate the actual exam, aiding focused preparation in the final weeks before your exam. This tailored practice helps identify your strengths and weaknesses, allowing you to focus your efforts where they are needed most.

Basic Forum Access

Access our active community about FRM exam concepts on the Bionic Turtle Forum.

Interactive Practice Questions

Our interactive Q&A platform offers real-time dynamics to help you better prepare for your upcoming exams. With a more realistic experience, you can feel confident and fully prepared to ace your exams.

Instructional Videos

These globally recognized best-in-class videos offer a comprehensive understanding of the FRM concepts in each chapter, providing valuable insights into the most complex areas that are likely to appear on the exam.

Full Forum Access & Support

Use our boards to have lively discussion about concepts, share practice question information and communicate with our experts who regularly join the conversation.

Focus Review Videos

Our focus review videos offer a fast-track review of key topics in the curriculum, ensuring full preparation for the exam.

Learning Spreadsheets

First and only provider of this complementary instructional library, leveraged for comprehension of quantitative concepts.

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A Better Approach

Passing the FRM exam is a challenge, and it may feel overwhelming. Put your trust in Bionic Turtle: getting started is the biggest hurdle.

We’ll be with you every step of the way, offering support and guidance, as well as study plans that are designed to set you up for success. Our team listens and we understand exactly what you need to know in order to pass. From the depth of our resources to the interactive nature of our materials and community, you won’t find a better partner to achieve your FRM certification.

What Your Colleagues Are Saying

I used a different prep company for part 1 FRM and switched to BT for the part 2 last year after a friend encouraged me to. I am happy I made that decision. There is NO WAY that the exam would have been doable without BT prep materials.


I passed FRM part 2 with studying only from Bionic Turtle materials. I would not have done it without you!


With your excellent notes, detailed lectures and questions I thoroughly enjoyed Part 2. Your products are simply superb and I greatly appreciate all you have created.

Bob Costigan

FRM PART 2 Passed!!! Exam problems are much harder than given in another prep provider’s materials! And much trickier than GARP Practice exams!

Nikolay Zabrodskiy

Passed Part 2. Thank you David and BT team! Your study materials are really great!!!



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